TAG Event – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The Technology Association of Georgia presents an event focusing on the implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence. TAG has put together a panel with immense success in the area and has no bounds on their knowledge of AI and ML. The event starts off with Jacob Mapel, a winner of TAG’s innovation awards, shares his story of using machine learning to solve the problem of getting fraud accusations from customers in SunTrust. Then, Rajkumar Bonduglua, the senior data scientist at Equifax gives insights on major misconceptions about artificial intelligence and machine learning. JP James tackles the differences between machine learning and automation. He tells us that automation allows you to manipulate data from point A to point B, whereas machine learning will automate the analysis of the data. Shawn Murray, a data scientist from Microsoft, contrasts augmentation and automation. He tells us that the understanding of human intuition and analytics is vital to tell the difference. JP believes that initiatives fail because entrepreneurs don’t learn and understand the technology their business uses to be successful. Overall, this event investigates and explains the power of AI and ML.


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