June 28th TAG event on Blockchain Technology

June 28th, 2018 TAG event:

On June 28, 2018, TAG had an event with an expert panel speaking to the integration of Blockchain technology and commerce.


The panel was moderated by Jagruti Solanki of Aprio, and participants included Arul Murugan of 11-11 Ventures, JP James of Leap Credit/Hive Financial Systems and Daniel Pickett of FreightWaves. Our Chairman, JP James, discussed how we use Blockchain technology in our businesses, business outlook, and the challenges faced in adopting this technology. He also shared his opinion on which companies need to consider if Blockchain suits their business model. In addition, the panelists shared their perspective on how Blockchain is redefining the future of commerce, ways to minimizing supplementary charge of running a business and how Blockchain-based business may disrupt traditional funding models (VC/PE). The group also discussed how the KPIs or performance indicators for Blockchain-based business look different. JP highlighted the use of Blockchain at Leap Credit to create transparency and expanding globally. The panel also addressed incorporating blockchain in transportation, supply chain, and acquiring investors by tokenizing companies and products.

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