Marketing Management - Channel Flow (2)

Marketing Management

Perfect mix of customer acquisitions channels that serve your business.

Loan Management System (2)

Octane Origin

Loan Origination System with integrated automated bank transaction scoring and automated credit decisions utilizing traditional statistical modeling techniques and recurrent neural networks (LSTM / RNN).

Loan Management System

Octane MS

Loan Management System with bank account balance detection, automated debit, real time portfolio performance benchmarks and failure point alerts.

Octane Systems is Born

Octane Systems brings together decades of industry experience with sophisticated automation and technology expertise.

Our focus is in the consumer lending vertical. Consumer lending continues to be in a state of disarray in a market that has yet to reconcile with the mistakes made leading up to the financial crisis.  This psychological barrier in conjunction with the current regulatory environment has contributed mightily to incredibly tight consumer underwriting standards from traditional lenders (i.e. banks) despite the fact interest rates are very low and institutional capital has found its way back into the credit market.

At its simplest, the demand for alterative credit options is there, but the supply is not. It is very apparent that this market shortfall has created an arbitrage opportunity for unparalleled risk adjusted returns when compared to similar opportunities.  The only question is whether or not market entrants have the skill and depth of knowledge to underwrite consumers by incorporating massive amounts of public and private data that has been ignored in making credit decision and if these companies can secure enough capital to effectively scale.